5 Exciting Day Trips From London

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5 Exciting Day Trips From London


Exciting day trips from London: Unless you have a specific destination in mind elsewhere in the country, it’s hard to imagine basing a trip to the UK out of anywhere other than London. The English capital is among the world’s most fascinating cities for travellers, and can easily occupy you for the duration of a whole vacation. Thus, it makes sense to call it home base during a trip to the UK and why I have put together exciting day trips from London.

However, even if you’re staying in London, it’s important to recognize how much more there is to see and do in the UK beyond its most famous city. And what’s more, because it’s a relatively small country, many of the best attractions beyond London are accessible via short drives, meaning there are a lot of great day-trip options. Below are five such trips that are always worth considering.

5 Exciting Day Trips From London – A Day At Brighton’s Beaches

5 Exciting day trips from london - BrightonMany don’t think of relaxing coastline when imagining scenes of the UK, but the town of Brighton on the southern coast has become something of a renowned beach destination. Indeed it’s such a popular spot for travelers these days that a Buzzfeed travel page rounded up 51 different attractions and activities for people to try in the area, beyond the obvious example of hanging out on the beach! You can reach Brighton in about a two-hour drive due south of London, which makes it ideal either for a day trip or for a weekend away from the city if you’re in the UK for a longer visit.

5 Exciting Day Trips From London – A Tour Of Oxford

5 Exciting day trips from london - OxfordIf you’re someone who appreciates the history of England, and the image of quaint, beautiful towns paved with cobblestones and oozing intellectual appeal, Oxford needs to be on your travel list. Located just a short distance west and north of London, it’s home to the world’s oldest English-speaking university, which is still considered among the best educational institutions on the planet, if not the best. The school is so beautiful that a tour through the area almost feels like a stroll through a collection of monuments. Through your visit, you can gain a wonderful sense of closeness to English history and literary lore.

5 Exciting Day Trips From London – A Horse Racing Festival

5 Day trips from London - Aintree Race CourseThroughout the year, and in particular the spring season, the UK plays host to some of Europe’s biggest and most exciting horse racing events. The most accessible to people staying in London is probably the Cheltenham Festival in the Cotswolds region, though some view The Grand National as the most enjoyable of the bunch. It’s a short distance farther than Cheltenham (located at the Anfield Racecourse in the Liverpool vicinity), but it’s still a manageable excursion from London.  The Grand National is the biggest race in British jump racing in addition to a three-day event filled with smaller races and betting activity. Indeed, that’s the appeal—a mix of quality and quantity of races, all taken in by a passionate, fun-loving spectator base. The festival is held in April each year.

5 Exciting Day Trips From London – A Castle Tour

5 Exciting day trips from london -Warwick CastleThere are fascinating castle ruins (some of which hardly look like ruins at all) dotted around the UK, and true history enthusiasts might want to designate some extra time to get out and see the lot of them. But several are within pretty convenient range of London, meaning it’s actually possible to rent a car and drive around for a day or two seeing the castles of your choice. As a starting point you might consider Travel Channel’s list of the top-10 castles in Britain, which includes several structures that are near London. The Tower of London, Hampton Court, and Windsor Castle are particularly close, though you can also easily visit Leeds Castle and Warwick Castle, a particularly striking ancient fortress. Depending on the specific destinations, this sort of day trip can be primarily a sightseeing experience, though some castles, such as Warwick, do offer activities and even medie
val reenactments for visitors.

5 Exciting Day Trips From London – A Trip Through The Cotswolds

5 Exciting day trips from london - The CotswoldsThe UK is home to a lot of different areas of distinct natural beauty, and one of the most famous of these areas is the Cotswolds region west of London. Essentially a giant expanse of rolling green hills and small medieval-style villages, it’s the very picture of what a lot of people imagine England to be. Within the region there are plenty of individual towns and establishments that are popular for travelers, though the best way to enjoy it all may simply be to drive through, or even go cycling.

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