12 Fun Things to do in Dubai

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Guest post by Neha at Dubai Wikia

12 Fun things to do in Dubai

Fun things to do in Dubai - Camel Racing DubaiDubai is a wonderful place and attracts millions of tourists every year with its charm and surroundings. Rising from an oil reserve into a global commercial and tourist’s hub, Dubai is more than just extravagant lifestyles and premium brands. We have collated a list of fun things to do in Dubai which is easy on your pocket and will give you a feel for the city and will act as a Dubai city sightseeing tour.



  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Dubai Aquarium

It feels like magic when you explore the beautiful marine life and marvelous fishes in the world’s largest indoor aquarium. Home to close to 30,000 marine creatures and approximately 400 sharks and rays, you can view this aquarium for free from outside the mall. Part of the aquarium is in the middle of the mall to be viewed as you check out new shoes. If you wish you explore and enjoy the whole new experience, then you will have to shed out extra bucks. Ideally, we would recommend you to check out this place from inside to encounter the fascinating marine creatures. There is a lunar-cyclic lighting system which gives a completely new ambiance to the tank during day time. Visiting the Underwater Zoo is a thrilling experience as you walk past the playful penguin colony, giant catfish, playful otters, and the dangerous piranha.

  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Dubai Fountain

Fun things to do in Dubai - Dubai Fountain show

This man-made lake at the Dubai Mall is not to be missed. Experience the magnificence of dancing water as the Dubai fountains ooze with elegance and style. The spectacular lighting and music during the evening are just what you will need to take your mind of shopping. The 25 different colors set up a visual spectrum which includes over 1,000 abstract attractions. This spectacular light is visible even from 20 miles away making it one of the brightest spot in the Gulf. There are free shows daily in the evenings just outside the mall.

12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Dubai Spice Souks

Fun things to do in Dubai - Spice Souk in DubaiSet in the old city of Deira let yourself get lost in the aromatic fragrances of the spices. The narrow valleys and small shops is altogether a different world compared to the city life of Dubai. You will find numerous stores of saffron, medicinal herbs and several varieties of spices, incense, rose petals and much more. The market kicks off at 9am in the morning and is open till 10pm in the night from Saturday to Thursday. The souks are open on Fridays only from 4pm to 10pm. Make sure to bargain.


  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Madinat Jumeirah

This beautiful Arabian architecture is so elegantly designed that it is hard to stop admiring it. With a beautiful lake in the backdrop, the landscape is mesmerizing. The terrace of the Souq Madinat Jumeirah gives you a beautiful view of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Having its own private beach, the Madinat Jumeirah is a recreation of the ancient Arab world. It is blessed with two marvelous boutique hotels, villas, houses, conference and banquet facilities and over 40 restaurants. Landscaped gardens and waterways interconnect all the facilities in Madinat Jumeirah making it easy for tourists and visitors to reach the place

  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – JBR the Walk

JBR the Walk is the luxury destination which attracts thousands of tourists along the 1.7 km long pavement. If the luxury brand stores are not enough, the rich Arabs showing off their collection of Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, Maserati’s will surely impress you. The Jumeirah Beach residence open beach is just a stone throw away. A great place to shop if you have the money.

  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Majlis Gallery

If you are art lover and fancy picking up some items before heading back home then this is definitely the place for you to be in Dubai. There is an awesome collection of beautiful and majestic artwork from several renowned artists from all around the globe. Founded in 1989, it is also home to beautiful pottery and hand-crafted items. Once again polish your negotiation skills to get a good deal. You can also cool your heels with chilled lemonade in the shady courtyard.

  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Mamzar Beach

Fun things to do in Dubai - Mamzar Beach DubaiWhen the temperatures of Dubai start soaring there is no better place to be than the beach. The Mamzar beach is one of the most popular places with tourists. Bask in the hot sun in the bright sunshine or during a cozy evening. Lazing in the water is one of the best activities to indulge in when the temperatures are continuously on the rise. The lush green park near the beach has amenities such as a playground, water sports rentals, swimming pool, barbecue areas, air-conditioned cabanas and grassy areas for you to relax.


  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Fun things to do in Dubai - Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are tired of visiting malls and the busy city life, then take a break and visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. The close encounters with the animal world will refresh your senses. Entry is free and there are hundreds of bird species at the sanctuary. There are 620 hectares of land in a unique combination of intertidal mudflats, salt flats, lagoons and mangroves. The pink flamingos are the big stars but they show up only in the winter unfortunately. The sanctuary is home to close to 20,000 water birds and 67 other bird species and approximately 500 species and fauna.

  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Hatta Village

Hatta Village gives you a glimpse of the archaeological and historical sites of Dubai which have never been in the news. Restored back in the year 2001, the Hatta Village is located approximately 100 kilometers away from the Dubai city. With two mountains overlooking the village, it gives a beautiful backdrop to the town. The village comprises of old buildings and shops which sell traditional souvenirs and heritage collections. Traditional weapons such as the swords, daggers, and rifles are also on display along with household materials such as pottery, copper and leather pots, traditional clothing, jewelry, furnishings, musical instruments and much more. You can even explore the traditional world of pearl diving.

  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – The Jumeirah Archaeological Site

There are thousands of visitors who come each year to witness the historical ruins and treasures of the Jumeirah Archaeological site. The site provides a deep insight about ancient Dubai. Situated between the Al-Wasl Road and Jumeirah, it is one of the most popular historical sites in U.A.E. There is a great collection of ancient coins, tools, pottery, etc. inside the Dubai Museum. There is no admission fee for visiting the Jumeirah Archaeological site but you require a prior permission from the management of Dubai Museum

  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Meydan Racecourse

Fun things to do in Dubai - Meydan Racecourse Dubai

The Horse racing world cup is one of world’s richest races and one of Dubai big annual events and it takes place in Meydan. There are several events during the racing season from November to March which attract tourists from all around the world. Add the mind blowing dining and entertainment packages which are available at every race meeting, the Meydan racecourse is surely going to give you some priceless memories. General admission tickets cost 25AED.


  • 12 Fun things to do in Dubai – Camel Racing

Camel racing is a traditional exhibition of the culture and traditions in the UAE. It is an integral part of the Emirati culture. It is organized each year during the months of September and April. The camels are well trained to participate in this extravagant event. There are thousands of guests and tourists come from all around the globe to witness this extravaganza. Be a part of the grandstand where you will find the crowd cheering and hearts pumping as you witness these age old camels running to win the bout. There is no admission fee, so be free to indulge. Definitely one of the fun things to do in Dubai.


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