Why so late?

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Travelling for Fun, La Paz, Bolivia: Waiting on a bus. Again!Anything can be late, your friend, your post, anything. This is a fact of life and one that happens at least once a day whether it is work deadlines or dinner at home. What I can’t understand though is how buses and trains can be consistently late in so many countries. The difference is that your post being late only happens once in a while and you have only missed one deadline in the last 12months. Ireland is definitely up there with the best when it comes to transport being late. Maybe they leave on time but they won’t be on time half way through the trip. Why? Nobody knows. How trains can be consistently late is beyond me when it is the same timetable on the same tracks with no other factors such as traffic in the mix.

In many less developed countries the problems is compounded. Not only do they not leave on time but it takes an extra hour to get to your destination. It’s very frustrating to arrive at dawn before the cock crows and the cats are in the rubbish and pick the bus leaving the earliest only to be standing at your bus for an hour while the driver finishes his breakfast, the potatoes and goat get tied to the roof while the bus that was ‘later’ pulls out of the station. Surely if the bus is always leaves an hour late or arrives an hour late then just change the timetable so that it seems to arrive on time! I would much prefer to know at the beginning that the bus/train will take 4 hrs rather than being told it will take 3 hrs and it arrives 1hr late. It is the same time in transit but not only am I happier but the transport company look better also. It’s a win-win situation.

If you are hours on one of the minibuses that wait until it is full to leave and you are getting dizzy from doing laps of the town then….. best of luck with that!

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