Tips for Travelling on a Budget

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[Guest Post by Jesse Cadena]

 Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Getting kicked in Iceland, Iceland, Travelling on a Budget, Travelling for funMost people do not have an unlimited supply of money to use on vacation, and especially in the last few years, many families have found it increasingly difficult to take their annual trips. If finances are making this year’s trip seem like a fantasy, you do not necessarily have to cancel all your plans. With some adjustments and some planning in advance, you may be surprised at how far your vacation dollars can be stretched. You can travel on a budget and still have a relaxing getaway experience, as long as you follow these simple instructions.



Flying Tips

Volcano, Mexico, Travelling for Fun: A smoking volcano from my flight to Mexico City in MexicoIn order to get the best airline deals, searching airline websites on Tuesday afternoons at 3 pm Eastern Time six weeks before the trip is your best bet. While many of the travel sites do work to put together the best flight deals from the Internet, frequently airlines reserve the best deals for people who take the trouble to visit their websites and/or follow their updates through social media sites. Most airlines release their deals for the week on Tuesday afternoons. If you can be flexible and fly out on a Wednesday, you will probably be able to catch lower prices, as well.

Driving Tips

Driving on a budget, looking back at the coastline in Croatia, Travelling for funWhen job and school schedules dictate the days that a vacation must begin and end, it is not as easy to get the best deals on flights. It may be that you would be better served to plan a road trip rather than flying to your location. There are websites online devoted to the promotion of national parks and other fun destinations, and with search engine maps it is not difficult to figure out the best routes. You may also get an estimate of how much the fuel will cost based on the model of your car, the price of gasoline in your area, and the distance you will be traveling. If your vehicle is not suited for travel, you may want to consider renting a vehicle that has a high miles-per-gallon rating. Many rental companies have vehicles available at a flat rate, which is more cost efficient. You may also want to consider renting a recreational vehicle in order to make a camping trip more relaxing.

Food and Beverage Tips

A home baked bum....An unusual choice I found in Ethiopia, Travelling for funIt is common for many families to dine out while they are on vacation. However, one of the best ways to save money while traveling is preparing your own meals. If you have access to a full kitchen, this is pretty simple, and a home-cooked meal can be both nutritious and cost effective. For people staying in a hotel without a kitchen, cooking dinner in particular is usually not an option. However, almost all hotels have a mini refrigerator, which is perfect for storing small items for breakfast and lunch. Packing a small picnic-style lunch will only take a couple extra minutes each day, and it can save you untold amounts of money, especially if you are spending the day at an amusement park or other tourist attraction. Even while you are on the road, packing a small ice chest with sandwiches, snacks and drinks will be much less expensive than stopping for fast food. Making your own food may take a little more effort than dining out, but it can go a long ways toward keeping your budget in order.

Even in a budget crunch, your vacation does not have to take the hit. There are many ways for one to save money and enjoy a great vacation. Travel on a budget using these tips and get the most vacation for your money.

Jesse Cadena is a 26-year old travel blogger and vacation guru based in Northern California. Check out her blog for the best travel tips and follow her on Twitter.


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