Top 10 Greatest New Zealand Walks

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Top 10 Greatest Walks to Take in New Zealand

Guest post by Rebecca Crawford


If you are looking to go on vacation, or simply live in New Zealand, and want to find some great walking trails, we have the top 10 trails to discuss with you!

From beautiful shores to lush forests, you can walk through some beautiful scenery that will enhance your walk and maybe even inspire you to take some amazing photos! Now, let us take you all over New Zealand for the top 10 greatest walks that you can take, whether you are traveling or simply a resident!10 Greatest New Zealand Walks - Corum Andel

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk

Located on Lake Waikaremoana, this walk is 44 kilometers and goes along the south and western coasts of the lake on North Island. Here, you encounter much forest and grasslands, as well as several gorgeous views of the lake. This area is easily located at the old Te Urewera National Park.

The two main trail heads are Hopuruahine and Onepoto, which are on opposite ends of the lake from each other. Generally it will take a few days to finish this trail, so you will be camping out. You don’t have to exactly rough it however, as you can stay at one of the several campsites in this park. Depending on where you are located, you can stay at the Panekire Hut, Maraunui Campsite, Tapuaenui Campsite or the many others that are located within this area.

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Tongariro Northern Circuit

This circuit will take you a few days to trek through, as you will go 50 kilometers through a loop that features Mount Ngauruhoe. You can start your route anywhere on the Northern Circuit, and even get to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which we will mention below. You can even take a tour, which will take you through Whakapapa Village.10 Greatest New Zealand Walks - Tongariro Northern Circuit

If you are into conservation, you can see three huts that are a part of the New Zealand Department of Conservation called Waihohonu, Mangatepopo and Oturere. Not only will you get breathtaking views here, but you can visit the DOC Visitor center and go from village to village.




10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Tongariro Alpine Crossing

You will want to know your hiking skills here, as you will go through a volcanic area! You will pass through the several craters of Mount Tonariro and go past Mount Ngauruhoe, on a near 20-kilometer trek.

Not only can you hike through here but you can visit huts to relax at like Mangatepopo Hut and Ketetahi Hut. You can also visit Red Crater Summit, which is over 1,800 meters in the air. You will have to be careful as you hike this crossing as you are exposed to possible flowing lava, loose ground and lava bombs around you. You can, however, experience beautiful rocks, ridges, and minerals as you trek through this area.

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Whanganui Journey

You won’t be hiking on this journey, as you can only take a kayak or canoe along the Whanganui River at the North Island. You will start out at Taumarunui and end up in Pipiriki 5 days later. We recommend going when the weather is calm so you won’t have to worry about high Rapids. Also, make sure to take a dry bag with you, to protect electronics, papers, and anything else that might be ruined by water. If you don’t know how to choose the best, take a look at the great dry bag reviews on Hiking Mastery

Along the way, you will see the Bridge to Nowhere, which has no roads that lead to it but it can be accessed by tourists who want to boat or bike there. Made of concrete, this single lane bridge is an attraction to many around the world.

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Abel Tasman Coast Track

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks - Abel Tasman Coastal

This highly popular track is 38 km that goes from Tinline Bay to Torrent Bay and can be taken all year-round. You will take this track for up to 5 days and can access beaches and see some nice views of the Falls River, which has a swing bridge. This area also has one of the largest tidal ranges in NZ.




10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Heaphy Track

In Kahurangi National Park, you can take this near 80 km track from Kohaihai to Golden Bay. You will many beaches and zigzag paths through the forest. Along with swing bridges and woody patches. Towards the end, you will find rimu trees and the Tasman Sea!

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Routeburn Track

Located in the South Island, you can take this track that goes through Earland Falls, and has plenty of places along the way to stop and relax. Check out the Bridal Veil Waterfall and Forge Flats, where blacksmiths once camped.

If you love birds, this is the place for you! Birds like the brown creeper, fantail and bellbird can be found here, but these are not the only ones!

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Milford Track

Here, you will go through forest and mountains through Fiordland National Park. You start off at Glade Wharf and go all through rainforests and wetlands, and an alpine area. Many lodges are there to sleep in if you don’t want to camp outdoors.10 Greatest New Zealand Walks - Milford Track

Many sights are available to see as well from Mackinnon Pass which has glacier mountains to Milford Sound’s cliffs and fjord land. Visit Lake Ada and Giant Gate Falls for some great water scenery, too!




10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Kepler Track

This is a circular track that goes through the South Island of NZ, through the Fiordland National Park. You will experience mountains, ridges, wetlands, gorges, and various lakes and rivers. You will see streams with bridges and beautiful scenery like no other. Plus, it only takes a few days to complete! Also, this is home to the Kepler Challenge, a race that lasts 60km!

10 Greatest New Zealand Walks – Rakiura Track

This tramping track takes 3 days and goes from Lee Bay to Fern Gully. You will pass through bays, mudflats and inlets, in this mostly coastline trail. This beautiful place is well maintained and you can see wild kiwi, too!

You can stay at one of 2 huts or various campsites that have cooking equipment. This place is amazing and offers views for amazing photographs. Do not miss out on this misty area that takes you through very dense forests and steep hills!


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