Video Blog of Climbing Mont Blanc

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Video Blog of Climbing Mont Blanc

Here are some videos of the scary and the beautiful from when I was climbing Mont Blanc in France. You start the climb to the summit in the dark at 2am and by the time you are descending the sun is properly awake. The sunrise we experienced on the way down is probably one of the best I have ever seen. It’s not too often you are above the clouds by your own power so to be able to see the peaks of the Alps neatly tucked into their duvet of clouds as the sun told them to rise was awesome. The hut you see is the relatively new Gouter Hut at 3860mtrs and is perched on a cliff overlooking half of France!

Of course climbing Mont Blanc isn’t a walk in the park and there were a few crevices with a snow bridges to be negotiated. If the snow bridge collapses then you can fall quite a distance. I peered into one but could see 30ft down but still not the bottom. I admit they are not the spectacular endless crevices that we had to negotiate using a huge ladder but just remember this was a 3 day hike and not an expedition! Trying to walk with crampons down a steep slope while taking a video without tripping over the rope was enough of a challenge!

Visit my other post if you need any more info on climbing Mont Blanc.

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