Video-Cutest Baby Gorilla in Rwanda

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Video – The Cutest Baby Gorilla in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Rwanda, Travelling for fun: The alpa male showing what he thinks of us!When gorilla trekking some people got the mountain gorillas jumping around and even hitting them on the way past when playing, some got them stuffing themselves with gorilla salad (a mixture of leaves from different plants) but I on the other hand managed to get them doing almost nothing! This was a bummer because we only saw the alpha male beat his chest once much to my disappointment but on the other hand it means that you get to take really close up pictures without them being blurred (for those of us like me that are still amateurs) and you get to appreciate their intricacies all the more.

I got to see how much their hands are like ours. How short and dirty their nails were and that the skin is all black underneath. We got to see a mother tending to her young son with care and attention and go through every strand of hair on his head. We got to see the mountain gorillas panned out like snow angles as if they were completely drunk. We got to see how long their hair actually is and can now understand how they keep warm in the mist at night. Going gorilla trekking was a super experience even though it only lasts one hour and goes by in a minute. You get to stand so close without them paying a blind bit of attention to you but more on that on my gorilla trekking in Rwandapage.

Just after the alpha male gave us the fingers, we got this very cute baby gorilla trying to reach his Mommy. With his cute little face and unsteady feet he was the star attraction of the show up to then and this just confirmed left a place for him in our hearts.

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